IARS - International Anesthesia Research Society

IARS Awards and Grants Program

The IARS established its Awards and Grants Program in 1983 to further the scientific advancement of the anesthesiology specialty. To date, the IARS has funded nearly 200 projects, contributing over $14 million to the anesthesia community.

Research Awards

Frontiers in Anesthsia Research Award - $750,000
Established in 1995 to foster innovation and creativity by an individual researcher in the anesthesiology field.

IARS Mentored Research Award - $175,000
Intended to support investigations that will further the understanding of clinical practice in anesthesiology and related sciences.

SAAA-IARS Research Grant - $150,000
The Society of Academic Anesthesiology Associations (SAAA) has provided a one-time contribution of $75,000 to IARS in support of research in the area of anesthesiology and perioperative medicine education. The IARS is matching the SAAA contribution to create a $150,000 educational grant to support the IARS and SAAA mission of enhancing academic anesthesiology, education, research, and quality clinical care. The SAAA-IARS Research Grant will be awarded in 2016.

SCA-IARS Research Grants - $200,000
In 2009 the IARS pledged a gift of $1 million dollars to the SCA Foundation to support the SCA-IARS Starter and Mid-Career Grants, and renewed that commitment in 2014 with additional funds.

Education Awards

Teaching Recognition Awards - $17,000
Designed to recognize individuals with outstanding teaching skills and career contributions to the academic community. The award is comprised of two separate parts, Innovation in Education and Achievement in Education.

SmartTots Initiative

SmartTots funded awards are aimed at investigating whether anesthetics or sedatives are neurotoxic and/or impede the normal development of the human brain. For more information regarding a SmartTots Research Grant, visit the SmartTots website.