Membership Types and Dues

Full Membership: $225

  • Individuals with doctorate degrees, licensed to practice in the medical, osteopathic, dental or veterinary fields or other disciplines, who are engaged in active clinical practice or research relating to anesthesia or pain management (MD, PhD, DMD, DDS, DVM, etc.).
  • Individuals licensed or accredited as allied health professionals in anesthesia-related specialties
  • (CRNA, AA, etc.)
  • Individuals who are otherwise interested in anesthesia research or research outcomes.

Affiliate Membership: $205

Members of A&A affiliate societies. Members of ISAP, SAMBA, SASM, SOAP, SOCCA, SPA, or STA, please contact your affiliate society for its IARS discount code to join or renew at this reduced rate. Only one society discount may be used per dues payment.

The SCA offers its own discount on top of the discounted IARS Affiliate Membership with its SCA/IARS Preferred Joint Membership.

Retired Membership: $75

Recently retired members. Contact Member Services at or 240-646-7089.

In-Training Membership: $25

  • Physicians in approved anesthesiology training programs.
  • Individuals in training programs for other disciplines (CRNA training, dentistry training, veterinary medicine training, anesthesiology assistant training, etc.) or enrolled in medical school.
  • Training institution name, training start and anticipated end date must be provided.

Please note that IARS membership dues are not refundable. Exceptions may be made under special circumstances and if requested within three months of payment.

The IARS is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, a portion of membership dues may be treated as a deductible business expense.