Review Course Lectures

Interact with Anesthesia Thought Leaders at Review Course Lectures

Saturday, April 28:

  • SOCCA: The Tele-Vision: Taking Care to the Patient and Expanding the Scope of the Intensivist
  • SPAQI: Perioperative Cardiac Risk Assessment and Management: The Internist's Perspective
  • What's New with the Management of Vasodilatory Shock in the ICU?
  • Anesthesia for Children with Inborn Errors of Metabolism: Opening up the Black Box
  • Neurologic Complications Associated with Neuraxial Regional Anesthesia
  • SOCCA: Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction (HFpEF) as a Perioperative Risk Factor

Sunday, April 29:

  • Airway Management of the Obstetric Patient: What's New?
  • LVADs and Noncardiac Surgery: What to Do When They Come to Your OR
  • Cerebrospinal Fluid Drainage Catheters in Endovascular and Open Aortic Surgery
  • Neurological Complications of Cardiovascular Diseases
  • Perioperative Management of Hyperglycemia for Noncardiac Surgery: Who, How and Why?
  • Perioperative Venous Thromboembolism: A Review
  • TAS: The Practicalities of Delivering Massive Transfusions in Trauma Resuscitation
  • ASER: Enhanced Recovery Program. Key Components, Implementation and Outcomes
  • Ultrasound Findings in Intraoperative Anesthetic Emergencies

Monday, April 30:

  • Blue Babies: How Do They Survive?
  • Medicine for Care of Older Persons and Emergency Laparotomy: The Lessons and How We Can Improve Care
  • Safety Reporting, Checklists, and Root Cause Analysis: What Are They Good For? Absolutely Nothing?
  • Principles of Lean Management and Systems Engineering for Anesthesiologists
  • Women in Medicine and Leadership: Glass Ceiling, Sticky Floors, and Everything in Between
  • Biases in Education and Research and their Impact on Patient Safety
  • The Trials and Tribulations of ERABS: Implementing ERAS in Bariatric Anesthesia
  • 2017 Update Health Care Reform: The Impact of MACRA on the Practice of Anesthesia
  • SPA: Perioperative Pain Management in Children with Sleep-Disordered Breathing: A Difficult Balancing Act

Tuesday, May 1:

  • SASM: Postoperative Respiratory Depression: Who? When? How? Knowledge that Anesthesiologists Should Have
  • Advanced Teaching Skills For The OR: How To Teach Effectively When Faced With High Clinical Workload and Lack Of Time?
  • The Adult Patient with Congenital Heart Disease Presenting for Non-Cardiac Surgery
  • SAGA: The Dementia Brain: Considerations for Anesthesiologists

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