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The IARS contributes nearly $1 million annually to fund anesthesia research. Your donation will help fund innovative and forward-thinking anesthesia research and education initiatives. Notably, 100% of your donation is directly allocated to research and is completely tax-deductible.

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The International Anesthesia Research Society (EIN 34-0750348) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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2015 Donors

The IARS would like to acknowledge donors who have supported important and innovative anesthesia research projects during the first half of 2015.

$2,500 - $25,000

Makoto Ozaki, MD, PhD Society for Pediatric Anesthesia
Michael Roizen, MD and Nancy Roizen, MD

$1,000 - $2,499

Getúlio R. de Oliveira Filho, MD, PhD

$500 - $999

Jocelyn Loy, MD Wisconsin Society of Anesthesiology

$250 - $499

Ricki Alpert
Xuan Au-truong
Jolene Bean Lijewski
Ganna Chugay
Karen Domino
John Ellis
Volker Gerling
Colin Hewett
Katharina Modes
Wayne Pearce
Russell Roberson
Matthew Stenzel

up to $249

Zulfiqar Ahmed
Akira Asada
Mary Kay Bissing
Klever Bocanegra
David Brady
Howard Burtnett
Rik Carette
Mairi Chadwick
Robert Coleman
Catarina Costa
Joseph Cotten
Didier Delbrouck
Robert Erickson
Kerem Erkalp
Alex Evers
Silvia Fernandez-Mulero
Bruno Ferreira
Michael Fowler
Felipe Garcia
Tokuya Harioka
Christine Harrison
Gregory Horn
Jana Hudcova
Casey Humphries
Ronald Katz
Samuel Krutz
Pradeep Kulkarnio
Philip Kurien
Koh Kuzume
Matthew Levin
Sven Lindner
Philipp Lirk
Gregg Lobel
Michael Long
Felipe Maldonado Caniulao
Carmen Mays
James McMichael
Robert Olszewski
Elias Onuora
Beverley Orser
Dong Chul Park
Arie Passov
William Paterson
John Peterson
Carlos Ramia
Amy Reed
James Riopelle
Algirdas Rucinskas
Abdullah Terkawi
Andy Tracy
Katerina Tsiaka
David Wlody
Thomas Wolf
Victor Yanez

Information for Donors

The International Anesthesia Research Society is committed to transparency and to sharing our financial information with donors. We are proud to have received the Silver Level participation seal from Guidestar Exchange.