IARS Affiliates

Canadian Anesthesiologists' Society (CAS)


The Canadian Anesthesiologists' Society (CAS) is a not-for-profit, voluntary organization, which exists for the benefit of its member anesthesiologists. "Seeing you through your most critical times - Canadian anesthesiologists: specialist physicians in peri-operative medicine, critical care and pain management" is the Society's positioning signature.

European Society of Anaesthesiology (ESA)


European Society of Anaesthesiology (ESA) resulted from the amalgamation of the former European Society of Anaesthesiologists (ESA), the European Academy of Anaesthesiology(EAA) and the Confederation of European National Societies of Anaesthesiologists (CENSA) and holds the most prominent position in the community of anaesthesiologists in Europe and elsewhere. The Society is governed by a Board of Directors, a Council and the General Assembly. The Council is elected by Active members of the Society from each European country with a minimum of 25 Active members. The Board of Directors is elected by the Council. The General Assembly convenes at the time of the ESA Annual Meeting. The Society is comprised of Individual Members and Society Members. Society members are represented within the ESA by the National Anaesthesia Societies Committee (NASC) which is represented on the Board of Directors and maintains direct links with the World Federation (WFSA).

The aims of the Society are:

  • To promote exchange of information between European anaesthesiologists
  • To disseminate information in regard to anaesthesiology
  • To raise the standards of the speciality by fostering and encouraging education, research, scientific progress and exchange of information
  • To promote and protect the interest of its members
  • To promote improvements in safety and quality of care of patients who are under the care of anaesthesiologists inside and outside the operating room by facilitating and harmonising the activities of national and international societies of anaesthesiologists in Europe

German Society of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine (DGAI)


The German Society of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine (Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Anasthesiologie und Intensivimedizin, DGAI) was founded in 1953, with the role of "uniting the efforts of German physicians in creating and developing the fields of anaesthesiology, intensive care, emergency medicine and paintherapy, and to provide the highest possible standard of care for the population in these fields." The DGAI is the scientific society of anaesthesiology in Germany and therefore responsible for research and training anaesthesia.

Japan Society for Clinical Anesthesia (JSCA)


The Japan Society for Clinical Anesthesia (JSCA) encourages research and scientific progress in clinical anesthesia and also makes a contribution to the improvement of medical science and its growth and dissemination. This shall be accomplished by:

  • Annual Conferences and Workshops
  • Publication of "The Journal of Japan Society for Clinical Anesthesia"
  • Research and Publicity work related to Clinical Anesthesia
  • Cooperation with other internal and external Societies
  • Other activities, as needed

Other Organizations

Wood Library-Museum of Anesthesiology

The WLM's premises in Park Ridge, Illinois in the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) headquarters contains the largest and most comprehensive archive of anesthesiology-related publications and artifacts in the world, which offers a unique opportunity to study the history of anesthesiology on-site.
Also, the WLM is continually digitizing a vast amount of the collection, which is made freely available on the website. Digitized sections include:
  • Virtual Museum
  • Rare Book Collection
  • Living History Videos (Interviews with Anesthesiologists)
  • Video Presentations (topics include anesthesia apparatus and historical events)
  • Famous Anesthesia Patients
  • Anesthesia Artwork, and much more